Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Monday Wrap - Up

Hole-man sweeps doubles pot

sometimes you just get lucky and other times you are good...yesterday, Hole-man was sort of both.

Self proclaimed best bowler at River Rand Bowl, Hole-man, gets in the doubles pot on Mondays with a ton of partners, (not the fat ones) but a bunch of guys...last year it was rumored that he got in the 30 partners per night...

This year he scaled back, (he said) and gets in with 15 or so...well last night it paid off as Hole-Man swept the doubles pots, winning first, and tieing for second/third. Now he shot good, having a shot at a 27x game in the 10th but he spanked his monkey, leaving a 6/10 and barely making the spare...then he step up and double spanks by leaving a Greek church (5 pin count) for a 250...he lost 7 pins in count alone...he blows...but the lanes were f'd up last night and the scores were super, super low.

Later, Hole-man, with a pocket full of cash...challenges Dan Jenital's brother, fresh from the Navy, giving him 40 pins...I watched the kid throw one ball and knew that Hole-man is truly retarded for giving him any pins...In the first 2 frames, Hole-man struck and opened, to Jenital's brothers double and I couldn't bare to watch and left...I will assume it got costly for the self proclaimed best bowler at RRB.

My team, Lou and the Leisure Suits blow...we lost to Chris Matza's Booooomers...3 games...we lost by 3 pins and 10 pins...can you imagine losing to a team that has Chris as the anchor man...it is humiliating...

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  1. Holeman only gave the KID 30 PINS... and after the front 4 the game was over....!!!!


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