Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Monday first 3rd final - Wazy's team loses by 1 pin - after he leaves a solid 9 on fill ball

Wazy leaves 7 solid 9's in the second game

It was the battle of 2 crummy teams for 1st place in the Monday National league at River Rand Bowl. The 7ups were playing the Limp 5 for the first 3rd title.

They were tied in the standings going in to the first game and it was not close early, but Wazy's team, the 7ups put on a strong show in the final frames to break even.

Wazy needs to strike on the final ball to tie...leaves a SOLID 9 pin to lose by one pin...what a choke...(just kiddding) it was a really bad break.

To make matters worse...Wazy leaves 7 solid 9's in the second game! How is that possible? And they lose by 50 or so. They win the last game and series so the Solid 9 costs them the title.



  1. What's bowling to win a 3rd like? We were wondering after the past few weeks.

  2. Don't ask Lou because he wouldn't know what that felt like either. He doesn't even know how it feels to choke (unless we are talking about choking chickens)because nobody will put him in that situation, since they know what the end result is going to be anyways.

  3. To Anonymous above. F.U. who nailed every shot in the pocket to win the BBT a few weeks ago? Who is the 1973 Champion? Who came in second place in total earnings in the doubles pot last year on Monday? Who has won more games this year for the Loudoos in the 10th...go blow yourself...

  4. How do you leave 7 solid 9 pins in one game? Somebody check that rack or give Wazy a piss test!!!


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