Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lyle Wins King first time out - Grandpa D cleans up in Brackets

Dennis win 7 of 8 brackets

Some new names in the pot quest this week with Lyle Ledendorf winning King of the Hill. It was the first time get got in EVER and Wins...excellent...

Carlos Chavez won Wazy's pot and 2nd in King, Grandpa D won some card money with 7 of 8 brackets and Josh Partyka, shot 16x, 17x and 278...what the F? Though he really got screwed all night...leaving a stone 7-9, 8's, 9's, 10's 7's etc.

House Phenom, Reinfart got 8 in a row again...and Lou and Reinfart won 2nd game doubles. So not a bad night for the good guys...lots of pot guys missing as Todd Cohen was Trick and Treating and Kitchen Bath and More are the results:

Weekly Pot Winners

King of the Hill
Lyle Lendorf 256
Carlos Chavez 248
Jim Dunn 217

Pins Over Average

Carlos 93
Gary N 78


Lou/Reinfart 480
Gary N/Bob Paqeuet 524

High Game Scratch

Josh Partyka 278

3rd Game Scratch

Josh Partyka 278

8 in a row Reinfart

Strike Pot RollOver

High Game Night HDC

Rob F 260
Lou V 253
Carlos 250

High Game Handicap

Rob F 260
Ryan Friel 274
Fritz 303


Dennis Ritti 193
Cohen, Ken 74
Fritz 54
Bill Switalski 52
Lou Vasselli 52
Jerry Forshall 10
Gary Niesel 27
Kyle Sheldone 27
Larry Slavin 27
Reinfart 17
Augie B 10
Glenn Partyka 10
Howard Larkin 7
Mike Ritti 7
Josh Partyka 5

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