Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's Here - First Major of the Year - The BBT Thanksgiving Classic

The Coveted BBT Thanksgiving Classic Nude Turkey Trophy Awaits the Winner

Thanksgiving means a lot of things to different people...Grandmothers house for Turkey, a great dinner with Family and Friends, going out to Grand Country Buffet (the Matza Family)...but ours is bowling in the BBT Thanksgiving Classic...

The format will be longer, the pressure will be higher, the competition will be wicked and after the marathon session...only one will remain to claim the bragging rights, Nude Turkey Trophy, double points and the renumeration.

Who will it be?

  • Wazy - Already won 3 times...will he have the drive to survive?
  • Rob D - Finally won a few weeks ago...but you never know which Rob shows up?
  • Tittie - Depends on how he starts...if he is out of the box shooting well...he could go all the way...or he easily can collapse. We will see.
  • Lou V- 1 time winner this year...can he do it...? Can shades of 1973 return? Used to be a great pot game bowler...we will see.
  • Rob F. - If he keeps his head in the game...he can be dangerous, with his big handicap.
  • Chalupa - He has the game, he has the youth but does he have what it takes to finish?
  • Reinfart - ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Grandpa D - Has the will to win...but will the knee hold up for that many games...maybe if he bowls with a will help...
  • PJ - Makes his spares and he can would be his first...
  • Frankie - Has the skill and the out for Mr. B.
  • Brian - Depends on many tired is he? How much will he complain? Will his girlfriend be board out of her mind sitting there for 3 hours?
  • Shawn - If the lefty shot is there...can easily win.
  • Sip - Hope he stays home...
  • Andy - Great game...if he carries and does not throw his one bad shot a out
  • Jerry - Avoid 8 pin counts and who knows?
  • Dee - Does she have enough to compete with the boys? She thinks time to show it.
  • Nick - Great game, bad head...leave his head at home and he could win... is almost go time....the Nude Turkey Trophy awaits...

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  1. How come the nude turkey trophy isn't just a shot of Lou on a trophy? Makes sense to me.


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