Monday, November 19, 2007

It took 200 Tournaments but Michael Haugen, Jr. Finally Wins, The Broads put on a great show

If you think you about Michael Haugen, Jr. He shot in 200 tournaments before finally winning his first PBA Title Sunday by defeating Big Wes Malott who left an up the arse, ringing 10 pin on the first shot in the 10th, 247-239.

In my opinion, Malott could not be beat...his shot to the hole was by FAR the best of anyone on the show and he destroyed Chris Barnes...who was lost the entire match, 268-228 in the semi finals but the bowling Gods took care of Haugen, Jr.

In the first match...Todd Book, making his first appearance on a PBA show, having become exempt with his 1st place finish in the Tour Trials in the same house they were bowling in Sunday, made a great debut...Brooklyn strike and then hit the head pin and got a 4 pin count and then 6 all to give him credit...he didn't quit and almost pulled out the match as Haugen, Jr. left 2 splits and really did not have much of a shot to the score 194-192.

The Broads

I am not a fan of women's I really don't like to watch a bunch of bull dykers on TV...but yesterday was very entertaining watching Liz Johnson (who is somewhat manly herself) versus Joy Esterson...cute but a bit fat...

Liz Johnson shot great...leaving 10's, 4's with every ball in the hole...and Esterson really did not shoot that great but remained close. It comes down to the 10th...Esterson strikes force Liz to strike out to tie...boom, boom, boom...a frame roll-off...Esterson...nails it...Johnson...2,4,10...Joys Esterson Wins...crowd gives them a standing ovation...great match...

Get rid of the dykes and put the non-carpet munchers back on TV...I would watch...great show

Dave Ryan update -
He was back to normal Sunday - The worst announcer in history ...talked too much, nonsense conversation about Haugen's grandmother and Mal0tt sick child...come about something people care about or shut up....he sucks...

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