Monday, November 12, 2007


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Every Sunday Night I watch the days PBA finals around 10:00pm or so. I never watch it live since it is on at a bad time for most people on Sunday at noon.

I knew what men were in the finals but I did not see what women made the show. Last week it was nice to see Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and her nice tush on TV and Missy Bellinder's lovely smile was a treat so I looked forward to this weeks women's final with anticipation.

I watched the first mens match then the second and then fast forwarded with anticipation to the women's match and I almost shi*. Where were the women? They said it was the women's final but all I saw was 2 "PAT"s..were they men or were they woman? Who knew?

Was this the Lesbo bowling tour or the Mangina open...come on...besides a bunch of old seahags at a bull dykers convention, who in the world would watch these she-males bowl? They threw the ball better than most men...and faster...

The USBC must have been mortified...the only sponsor they could get for this type of bowling is to recruit a strap-on dildo manufacturer.

The USBC Presents the Mangina Strap-on Dildo Bull Dyker Open...yeah...that has a nice ring to it...what a joke...

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