Tuesday, November 20, 2007

BBT Thanksgiving Classic Wednesday 11.20.07

Introducing the 1st Annual BBT Thanksgiving Classic

Here are the details. Open to invited guests only. Based upon 20 bowlers...here is the format:

Based on 20 bowlers, entry fee to be decided, points are double!!

1st Round:

2 games

8 go to winners bracket

12 go to losers bracket

2nd Round (no carry over):

Winners bracket:

2 games (top 4 move on)

Losers bracket:

2 games (top 2 move on)

3rd Round (no carry over):

6 bowlers bowl 2 games (top 3 move on)

4 Round (Step-ladder)

If we have less than 20, we can use the same format and cut down the number of bowlers.

18 bowlers we can do (7 winners, 11 losers bracket)

16 bowlers we can do (6 winners, 10 losers)

14 bowlers we can do (5 winners, 9 losers) with (3 winners and 3 losers moving on)

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