Wednesday, November 14, 2007

2nd 3rd starts tonight!!

Cohn/Slavin/King and His Court - not destined for much this season...

Except for Peterson Plastics, who won the first 3rd of the Wednesday Men's league at River Rand Bowl, it is a fresh start are Lou's Reviews for the next 11 weeks:

1. LouDoo's - Experienced, steady, confident, skilled describes this excellent team. Led by the 1973 NJCAA National Champion, the LouDoo's are a lock for the second third. Joe, Matt, Art, Mark and Lou V are ready to achieve "60 feet to success". Prediction 1st place

2. Waz n' Friends - Forget it. Wazy has peaked, PJ is PJ, Rob blows, Tittie is done and Dennis is aging. No spirit on the team, no confidence, no wins...Prediction 4th place.

3. CR Balls -They saw Peterson's balls last week, but they have a decent team...decent bowlers, lots of handicap and plenty of "punch" if you know what I mean. Prediction 3rd Place

4. Instant Results - Except for the fact that their team leader is totally annoying they have a great team...especially if Nick K bowls more this 3rd. Jason is much better and they are solid. Prediction, 5th place.

5. Power to Spare - The true power of the league...once they out...Prediction, win 3rd, 3rd...2nd this third.

6. Cohns' -
Good team...but without Billy Doroshow each week...they don't have the fire power they had last year...Prediction 6th place

7. Kitchens Bath and More -
Woody is bowling like crap, Jerry is not back to normal yet, Denny can barely walk, Cullen is Cullen, Terry is solid as ever, Hal peaked 20 years ago...Prediction - 7th Place.

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  1. As we all should know already , Lou's predictions are kinda like his undershorts. We can see them regularly and they are always full of shit. The end of the first 3rd, after he opened his yap on the blog , the Loudoos were as steady as Lou's plant step on the approach. You are a butt-munch.


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