Friday, October 19, 2007

World's worst bowling announcer Dave Ryan out at ESPN

Why am I so happy today...Is it Christmas...did I just win the Lotto...did I inherit $10,000,000 no...but the Bowling Blunder named Dave Ryan if off the PBA telecasts!!! HALLELUYA.

With out a doubt the worst bowling announcer in history, Dave Ryans exit gives true bowling fans around the country hope that the show won't blow again this year.

The guy knew NOTHING about bowling...60 feet to success, shrapnel everywhere on a ball that was barely a strike; he didn't know the difference of any of the shots and he said he was an experienced bowling announcer! What did he used to do...cover Junior Leagues...

And the ridiculous story lines he tried to create...I remember one show where he mentioned how exhausted Doug Kent must be because he was driving back and forth 45 minutes to his bowling center from the tournament site...that 45 minute drive in upstate NY is really exhausting....and he said it over and over again. And he never shut up...constantly talking when there was no conversation necessary...

Bottom line...he totally blew as a bowling announcer...and the new Guy, Rob Stone...could not be any worse no matter how bad he is...maybe with some luck he will know a ringing 10 from a soft 10...we could only be so lucky.


  1. I, too, was wondering if they would ever replace Dave Ryan. From some of his comments, it was obvious that he hasn't spent a great deal of time around quality bowling. If a PBA bowler would leave the bucket, Ryan would almost always comment about how unusual it is to see the five pin standing at the PBA level. Actually, it's NOT uncommon to see the five pin standing on a light hit that leaves the bucket or some similar combination. It worries me that today, Rob Stone referred to the three pin as the "number three" but I hope Rob displays a better understanding of the game.

  2. I don't care who they get to replace him, as long as I never here "60 feet to success" EVER AGAIN!!! Now, if we can just get Randy Pederson to stop doing that australian sounding voice when he talks about the shot pattern, we'll be in great shape!

  3. It was pretty cool that the new guy didn't even know what a "turkey" was on the USBC Masters telecast... I'd rather have Ryan.

  4. Rob Stone makes me want to cry as he continues to make Dave Ryan seem like the most brilliant bowling commentator of all time. I hate hearing about a ball being "heavy" and those "spinning ten pins". He also uses the term "1 pin" instead of headpin. Its like listening to my mother announce bowling. The show isn't fun - its stupid - cuz he's stupid. He talks about going for a turkey. Idiot. Someone get Dave Ryan on the phone

  5. You talk about how bad Dave Ryan is...well it got even worse. Rob Stone or whatever his name is...worst you could possibly ask for in an announcer...I'm so glad Dave Ryan is back on today's telecast. I'll admit I probably know more about the game than him as most of us probably do, but he's way ahead of Stone in terms of knowledge...even if he still has a bit to learn.

  6. I kinda liked Dave Ryan, he may not have been an expert but he sure sounded like one compared to this mail-clerk ESPN replaced him with. When he started replacing the term "4-bagger" with a "hambone" during last week's tournament, I nearly tried to reach through my TV and choke the guy. This guy flat out Sucks. period.


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