Thursday, October 25, 2007

Weekly Wednesday Pot Winners

Everything clicked for Rob D last night pot wise as he shot great and won a bunch of dough winning the King of the Hill, Doubles, 2nd in pins over average, 3rd game scratch, strike pot, high game hdc the last game and brackets....whew...nice night are the winners for 10/24/07:

Weekly Pot Winners

King of the Hill
Rob D 275
Art Hybrid 236
Waz 228

Pins Over Average

Billy Doroshow 72
Rob D 70


Jenkins/Paquet 504
Dennis R/Rob D 540

High Game Scratch

Josh Partyka 275

3rd Game Scratch

Rob D 255

8 in a row

Todd Cohen Game 1

Strike Pot

Rob D 7

High Game Night HDC

Mike K 287
Rob D 275
George Masio 270

High Game Handicap

Mike K 287
Bob Paquet 262
Rob D 275


Dennis Ritti 135
Wazy 114
Fritz 97
Josh Partyka 85
Billy Doroshow 57
Rob D 54
Larry Slavin 47
Reinfart 44
Augie B 27
Terry C 27
Ray Jenkins 20
Tim Lflerlage 10
Woody 10
Matt Mitchell 10
Glenn Partyka 10
Dennis P 10

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