Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Week 11 of the BBT Continues Tonight

Can Reinfart Clear his head and Win a BBT Title?

It is week 11 already and the BBT is in Full Stride. A few interesting items, guy you thought would dominate are not. Reinfart, by far the top average at River Rand has no titles...Andy D none, PJ None, Nick K the higher average bowlers are not winning...what is that about?

But what is pretty cool is how tight everything is...qualifying is always close, we have had several guy make the cut by 1 pin and we have had 2 ties...for the last qualifier and thus 2 roll-offs.

Wazy has shot very, very well most weeks. His coolness on the lanes and superior game has powered him to 3 titles. NCJAA 1973 champ has found his stride and won 1 title and made the last 2 cuts, Rob F is hot or cold, Grandpa D, has 1 win and has shot decent, Reinfart...big surprise, Tittie, 1 shot wonder, Rob D...??, Chalupa...where's the beef? PJ...make you spares and win...Fritz, 1 win and not much else...Frankie, only shot a few times but has a good game and 1 win, Shawn, shot well 2 of 3 times he has bowled, Nick K...2 disappointments...where is Tommy Smith...? Someone give him $20.00 so he can shoot...

Prediction tonight...Reinfart wins...

Here is the point list:

Rank Name Points
1 Waz 49
2 Lou 34
3 Rob F. 31
4 Dennis 27
5 Kevin 26
6 Mike R. 25
7 Rob D. 24
8 Cesar 22
9 PJ 22
10 Brian 21
11 Frankie 16
12 Shawn 16
13 Andy 8
14 Jerry 5
15 Nick 2
16 Mike K. 1
17 Tommy 1

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