Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wednesday 10/3/07 Pot Winners

Matt K wins first King of the Hill

Matt K shot great and won the first King of the Hill. On the evil side, Reinfart once again dominated the scratch pots and it is getting to the point that only the retards still get in against him...

Brackets also began and PJ and Ken C lit it up. Otherwise, the pots were spread out fairly well with some new names are the scores...

Weekly Pot Winners

King of the Hill
Matt K 259
PJ 244
Carlos 236

Pins Over Average



Kyle - Larry S 483

High Game Scratch

Reinfart 256

3rd Game Scratch

Reinfart 256

8 in a row Reinfart

Strike Pot Reinfart 8


PJ 170
Ken C 108
Reinfart 77
Kyle 74
Tittie 44
Howard 30
Lou V 27
Matt K 25
Rob For 20
Gary For 10
Grandpa D 10
Rob D 7
Fritz 7

High Game Night HDC

Rich P 277
Augie Dogie 260
Matt K 259

Handicap Game and second games doubles are N/A

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