Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sit and Spin Change Name - Sets beer record

Sit and Spin are now known as "Formally Known" (formally known as what?). And last night had something to celebrate and in doing so, may have set a River Rand consumption record...

Celebrating the birth of Jason Becks first child, a son (congrats to Jason and family) they pounded beer after beer after beer and someone else on their team consumed a few rum and cokes...so here is the official count...NOT COUNTING THE AFTER CELEBRATION in the bar:

5 Bowlers
52 beers (4 guys) 124.8 ounces per guy
8 shots (4 guys) (2 shots per guy)
10 rum and cokes (anonymous)

2 questions:

1. Did the urinals overflow?
2. How many Excedrin were consumed this morning...?

Congrats guys...I am sure Craig and Marilyn were happy...

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