Monday, October 29, 2007

Sippers Lead Loudoo Fantasy League after week 1

Sip - The Fantasy League Master!!!

Wow...the Sippers, scored 128,173.05 to rank 15th overall out of 3000+ and obviously crushed everyone in the River Rand LouDoo Fantasy PBA Bowling League.

Here are the scores:

Sippers - 128,173.05 (Sip)
I park in a handicap spot - 80,755 (PJ)
Ritti34's Storm - 67,885.25 (Tittie)
1973 NJCAA Champion - 67,885 (Lou V)
Tish Johnsons Left Nut 64,027.50 (Wazy)

The denpins, Yom Kippur Klippers, the Oh Yeah's and I park in a handicap spot were not included this week because you had to have joined by midnight Pacific time on 10/20/07...

NOTE - Let me know your rosters so that we can keep a separate list on our own to include the Masters. Go to the PBA Fantasy league, see your results, do a print screen, past into an email and send to

Great job Sip...I am impressed...PJ...great picked better than you make spares, Tittie, obviously you had Butt Rash, and you are indeed lucky you did because without have no points...Lou V is 3rd with another solid run...but he had lots of bad luck as 4 of his starters bowled against each other in the brackets...Wazy...your party is over is the basement?

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  1. i had walter, rash, and jaros rack up most of my points this week...


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