Wednesday, October 24, 2007

River Rand Stars Not shining so brightly at the Masters

Andy D Shoots 1001 -Tied for 197th

Chalupa Shoots 859 for 449th place

I have never shot in the Masters and I realize that "my day" was in 1973 when I won the Junior College National Championship in Boise, Idaho and I really don't bowl well on a hard shot at all, in fact I can't bowl on oil so that eliminates me from bowling in many tournaments; so I can't pass judgement on anyone who bowls in the I am just passing along the scores.

After the first round of qualifying Andy Shot 1001, a 200.2 average and is 197th place...Nice going Andy. He shot on squad D so he did not bowl on fresh oil, but will today and the score are usually much higher off the fresh.

On the other hand, Chalupa, shot 859 on the fresh oil shot and sits in 449th place. Not the start he was looking for I presume. But today he will be shooting in the second squad in the oiling pattern and let's hope he smokes them today.

Good Luck boys from the Staff at lousbowlingblog.

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