Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Riemer almost runs the table - Wins 5 Pots

T. Riemer reamed everyone Monday...

It was a matter of time...anyone who throws that much ball is bound to explode and Tommy did that Monday Night, nearly sweeping every pot.

Winning Instant Clean, King Handicap and Scratch, Handicap Series and 3rd game scratch...I would say he had a good night. The Coors Lights were being bought furiously.

If it wasn't for a miracle that Chris Matza won doubles with Hole-man, Riemer might have run the table.

Here are the results:


Holeman/C Matza 545
Holeman/M Taylor 536
Saffold/Jack King 530

Pins over average

Clark 31
Matt ("douche") Taylor 61
Mark Orlow 83

3rd Game Scratch

Riemer 246
I'm Jellen 240
R Briscoe 229

King Scratch

Riemer 246
I'm Jellen 240
Ryan Briscoe 229

King Handicap

Riemer 275
I'm Jellen 255
Donald David 239
Ryan Briscoe 238

Gimenna's (corn row) Pot

He was late again

HDC Series

Riemer 727

30 Clean

Riemer 10

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