Friday, October 19, 2007

PBA Fantasy League Setup

Deadline is Monday 10/22/07 to Enter

For all of you who want to participate in the River Rand Loudoo's fantasy PBA league, go to, on the top menu look for interactive, fantasy bowling, go to the site, register yourself, get an access code, create your team and then join a league.

The league name is River Rand Loudoo's and the password is loudoo. The site is not that easy to have patience...

Let me know if you need any your questions on the blog and I will answer right away.

After everyone is registered...I will change the name to something really stupid...if you have a suggestion...let me know...wazy has some classics...and they are not politically correct either.

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  1. I'm all in baby. The "Oh Yeah's" are gonna kick ass and take names later, BIACHES!


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