Wednesday, October 17, 2007

PBA Fantasy League Now forming

The PBA has a fantasy league and Wazy and I were in it last year. Anyone who wants to join is welcome. Let me know and we can have some fun. A little wager might also be in line...

Here are the details:

or fans who enjoyed last season’s inaugural PBA Fantasy Bowling League, and for those who missed out, the league is back with some added features. Starting Wednesday, Oct. 17 3 p.m. ET, fans can sign up for fantasy bowling and get their team in the mix.

After creating a username and password (information does not carry over from last season) create your team by picking from exempt players whose salaries are based on last season’s statistics. Once you have selected your bowlers, private leagues can be created to compete against your friends.

Picking the right players and making the right moves throughout the season not only leads to bragging rights, but will also result in prizes including PBA gear.

As a new feature this season, bowlers on a team’s bench will earn half-points for their team. Additionally, changes can be made to rosters throughout the week, whereas last season, once changes were made rosters were locked.

Finally, fans can get fantasy scores, rankings, tips and PBA facts sent by text message to your phone. This feature is only available to PBA Fantasy Mobile subscribers so be sure to sign up when you register your team.

Let me know if you are interested...and I will put the league together. Go to to register...

I will let you know what I need from you to set up the league...


  1. I have never done fantasy PBA but ill give it a try if the league is put together, just let me know the details.

  2. I will post the instructions after I register the league later today.

    It is fun and if you know the bowlers, love to have you aboard...

  3. Welcome aboard Sip. Maybe you can kick the crap out of computer analysis boy like I did last year.He changed his lign-up 20 times, I changed only once and that was an injury change. He still owes me dinner.


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