Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monday Wrap Up - Switalski had a 17 frame Dutch and Jason Back picks up the double pinnocle!!

Switalski Gets a Dutch 200 and then continues for 7 more frames!!

It wasn't a full moon but there was some goofy stuff happening Monday Night. Bill Swit had a Dutch 200 going into the 10th frame of the first game last night. He struck on the first ball in the 10th and then needed a spare to achieve the rare feat. He leaves a 6-7-10...and MAKES IT!! So he had a strike every shot on the left lane.

In the second game, he starts with a spare on the left lane and strikes every shot on the right lane and spares every shot on the left lane for 7 more frames...so he went 17 frames of "Dutch" bowling...Wow...

Also, Jason Back picked up the 4-6-7-10 last night in a bizarre way...for those of you who know him, he can throw it...so it unleashed the ball about 21 miles per hour at the 6-10...a pin shot out and was rotating like a helicopter on the pin deck and then...spun for a few seconds and then hit the 4-7...pretty cool.

Lou and the Leisure suits were pounded by the team of Hole-man, Lease, Kurz and Whitey...all 3. We shot good...but Whitey powered them a victory... and Kevin K didn't shoot badly himself winning doubles the second game...here is the pot round-up

Loses doubles by 3 pins - Ouch

Here are the results?


Kevin K/Jason Back
Kevin K/Stan K
Kevin K/Krone Baloney

Pins over average

Mark England
Stan K
Travis (miracle)

3rd Game Scratch

Travis (double Miracle)
He's Jellen 235

King Scratch

He's Jellen
G. Reichl Jr.
Nick K

King Handicap

Mike McMillan
Mark England
Dan Jenital

Gimenna's (corn row) Pot

Not running it...?

HDC Series

Jason Back

Instant Clean

Switalski 17

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