Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Monday Pot Winners - 10.15.07

Pots are so small this year they should be called Pans instead

Hole-Man was missing in action, Gimenna was late so 2 of the 3 pot takers were not taking last night. Thus limited action on the Lanes...but Reamer...stepped in and took all of the pots that he could and it was a good night for Travis and Jenital. Travis shot great (for him) and threw a whole bunch of strikes with a ringing 10 pin in the middle...Jenital shot 68 over average so they did some serious bowling.

Frank Orlow shot 257 the last game...to make some cash and Frankie B shot 268 to cash. Tough luck for Nick Kurz...shot 276 the first game and came away with his thing in his hand and no dough.

Doubles only paying three spots

Due to a lack of entries...super secretary Leese...cut the payout for the doubles to only 3 places. The last three weeks first place barely covered Hole-mans entry fee.

Good idea...I think people would rather have a better top prize than paying small amounts for 4th and 5th. Good going, Mike.

Here are the results:

Monday Pot Winners


Travis/Jenital 547
Gimenna/Jenital 543
Travis/Gimenna? 542?
Pins over average

Craig K (Miracle) 55
Jenital 68
Mark Orlow 74

3rd Game Scratch

Frankie B 268
Frank Orlow 257

King Scratch

Mark Orlow 257
Nick Kurz 212

King Handicap

Frank Orlow 290
Gimena 246
Nick Kurz 223
Krone Baloney 216

Gimenna's Pot

No Pot
No Pot
No Pot

Instant Clean

Reichl 18

30 Clean

No Pot

Mystery Pot

No Pot

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