Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Monday Night Recap...Lou Wins Doubles back to back...

The last three weeks I have been accused of being a sand bagger. That is kind of saying that Wilt Chamberlain was a queer. It is kind of insulting...and totally not true. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have very strong ethics and won't cheat my fellow bowlers to win cash.

Most of us do this for a night out, some friendly gambling, drinking and competition...

But yes...I did win doubles 2 weeks in a row (also did it last year)...but unless you are a touring pro, you can't just "turn it on" and shoot telephone numbers on demand. If I was that good, I would be on tour making more than pocket money. My partner shot 278 with handicap and I shot 254/285 with handicap for a 563 series. So for all of you that are saying that I am a sand bagger, go to your nearest flood, find a sand bag, open it, grab a handful of sand "pound sand" and stick a hand full up you butt..

Pot Review


1st - Lou V, Ken G 563
2nd Tom G, Lou V 542
3rd Dan J., Jack Grundwell 540
4th Mike Freese, Lou V 533
5th Ken G, Mike Freese 526

Pins Over Handicap each game

1. Craig K 77 (Miracle)
2. Lou V 69
3. Clark Jones 56

Instant Clean - Bill Swit 24

3rd Game Scratch - Nick K (big douche) 247

Series Handicap - Melvin (he delivered) 781

Gimenna's Doubles High game of night Melvin/Will Clark 590

Scratch King of the Hill

Max 259
Frankie B 223
Will 201

Handicap King of the Hill

Melvin - 305
Whitey - 265
Sal G - 243
Frankie B - 239

The action is good, pots are getting better and I would say we are now in full swing...

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