Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Match of the year Wednesday - Waz n' Friends vs. the First Place LouDoo's

Get ready for the
River Rand Rumble

In what is developing into a pretty good league, the Wednesday B&I league at River Rand Bowl has become very competitive.

The newly restaffed LouDoo's led by the 1973 NJCAA National Champion, Louche Bag Lou, is facing the moderately successful Waz n' Friends (ok, they are in second place only 1 game out) Wednesday Night.

The trash talking has already started but I just don't see how this match will be even close:

Waz versus Joe - What Waz will show up? Will he be tired from peddling at the old bike shop? Will his aches and pains flair up at the last moment, will his toe hurt? Now, Joe is revitalized, lost weight and bowling well and has a bunch of handicap. Advantage, Joe.

Matt Versus Rob -
It will be a toss up if Rob isn't Manstrating. Is the wife in town, does he have to get home right away? Will his wife yell at him for spending too much money...??? If so, Matt will pound the piss out of him as he is bowling well. Advantage, Matt

Art vs. PJ -
Youth against experience, true stroker vs. chicken choker, lots of ball versus no ball...Advantage Art by a mile.

Tittie vs Mark Kraut -
Hmmm...Mark Kraut is absent so it will be Lou Against Tittie!!! Look for the former National champ to absolutely pound the milk out of Tittie. Lou, equipped with the new Radical Inferno, will be giving Tittle a Radical Mastectomy tomorrow. Tittie, who has done nothing all year will feel the heat and retreat!! Advantage NJCAA Champion

Dennis vs. Bobby Sanders - Ouch - This one is not fair...a lefty who pounds the hole every shot, versus a bowler who pounds the headpin (not the pocket) every frame, is a total mis-match. Even though Dennis is bowling well, by the time he gets up in the first frame, the game will be over...Advantage - Bobby of course.

So, as I see it...there really is no match tomorrow...it will be like we are bowling against the blind team...enjoy your time in second place...you may not see anything above 2nd for the rest of the year..

Bring it on bitches...

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  1. I hope you retards split tomorrow


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