Thursday, October 11, 2007

LouDoo's make good on prediction - Get the Preparation H ready...

It wasn't total domination, so Waz n' Friends does not need the PreparationH Suppositories, but they definitely need the PreparationH Soothing Gel to ease the pain of last nights ass whooping as the LouDoo's pounded W n F, 2 games and series.

Every prediction except for one was right on the money:

Waz Versus Joe...I didn't realize that Wazy is off on Wednesday, thus he was rested and shot 159, 270, 228...not bad and he soundly beat Joe...but that was all the beatin' that was going to happen tonight.

Matt vs Rob - Now this was a joke...Rob wasn't Manstrating but he had another we won't mention what it was but when you get up at 4:00pm from the night before...well, do I need to say anything else. Matt 630, Rob 470...Plus he missed 6 1 pin spares in the first game alone...he blows...and it the spanker of the doubt!!

Art vs PJ - Once again I was right...(now PJ also had a handicap as he was with Rob the night before) but nevertheless, Art beat him by 30 pins 523/493

Lou Versus Tittie - Prediction correct.
Lou pounded Tittie real good...638/584. Remember, when the chips are on the line...the 1973 NJCAA Champion comes Tittie blows..."I can't carry"...sounds more and more like his dad every week...

Bobby vs. Dennis - Dennis left his A game at home. In fact he left his a b c d e f g game at home...he really blew...Sanders bowled like Ass and destroyed Dennis 621/499.

Game Rap-UP

LouDoos - 1094/1058/1106
W N' F. - 926 /1090/ 975

The bottom was a great night for the LouDoo's. We had fun, won and look forward to the next re-match, if there is one, against our good friends on Waz' n' Friends. It was a blast guys...

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