Thursday, October 4, 2007

LouDoo's blow away the Dogs

Joe Oberzut - Bowling great for the Loudoo's so far...

The newly resurgent LouDoo's pounded the poop out of the Dogs Wednesday Night to remain in first place and setting up a great match next week against Waz and Friends.

It wasn't even close. We carried everything and they got zero breaks. I told Stu that he shouldn't have thrown us off the team...we came back with a vengeance.

And speaking of rivalry's...Waz and Friends better be on their A-Game next week...because if we pound them like we did to the Dogs...they will be 9 points behind us

...can't wait to see Tittie sulk and hear about how many times Grandpa D got "tapped" leaving the pocket 5-7.. and Rob stamping his foot and PJ saying that he sucks 100 times...!!@@#!@ and Wazy leaving the 3 or 4 "Wastyns".

Bring it on bitches...


  1. PJ, you had better get you Wheaties ready and get ready for a hole pounding...


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