Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lou - Holeman Pot games continue

After last weeks split...Holeman and Lou decided to continue our match and I really blew and let him off the hook...Lou, still getting 30 pins, beat him the first three games easily...Holeman shot like crap the first 2 and shot well the 3rd game shooting 261, but Lou shot 245 scratch to pound the piss out of him.

Lou up 3-0...feel sorry for Holeman (stupid) and bowl another...Holeman can close out Lou with a double in the 10th...gets a spare...needs a 9 to force Lou to strike on the first ball...8...(what a douche)...Lou gets up in the 10th...needs a strike to win or a spare strike tie...throws the shot...leaves a 9 pin (ouch) spares and then gets up for the second shot in the 10th...throws the ball like ass, misses the head pin...Holeman wins...

Tired and late...I give him another chance and he pounds the wee wee out of me in game 5. Final results Lou 3 - Holeman 2, Lou wins...!!!

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