Monday, October 15, 2007

Liz Johnson wins Women's US Open In Reno

Liz Johnson - 2007 Women's US Open Champion

You could see how Liz Johnson almost won a PBA National tournament in 2005 after watching her win the Women's US Open in Reno Sunday 248-215 over Shannon O'Keefe.

She played way outside and threw the ball over 20 miles per hour and pounded the hole, shot after shot after shot.

Her opponent in the final match, Shannon O'Keefe throws it great but the way Liz was throwing the ball...there was no way she would lose. (wonder if they do sex (male/femail) checks before the matches)? I would not be surprised if they found "something" down there...

In the first match Carolyn-Dorin Ballard shot well...left a blowout 7-10 and a solid 8 to lose to O'Keefe 223-209...with Shannon shooting very well. (throws a lot of ball for someone so small)

In the second preliminary, Lynda Barnes should have stayed in the Kitchen as she got blasted by Liz Johnson, 257-187. Barnes looked like a woman bowler; throwing absolutely nothing...and Johnson, just spanked her real good.

The men start in 2's hoping that Nelson Burton Junior and Marshall Holman do the show instead of "sixty feet to success" Dave Ryan and Randy Pederson...could we only be that lucky?

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