Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lease goes for broke...Wins Pot, gets LouDoo and Foo-Man-Choo-Doo

Mike L with LouDoo and foo-man-choo-doo

Now he has a pretty good head of hair, (as grey as it is) so for Mike L to want a LouDoo was a bit curious, but rumor had it that if Mike had a good night he would get one...in this exclusive "spy photo" the rumor is confirmed.

Not only did he get a Loudoo, he also got a foo-man-choo-doo for his chin. (How much did he win last night?)

Curious to see what the reaction will be on Monday from his fellow bowlers?

Here are the Pot Results from Monday 10.8.07. Besides Lease and Hole-man visits to the pay window, the winners were really spread out...take a look:

Monday Pot Winners


Lease/Turk 543
Lease/Holman 519
Lease/Whitey 518
Holman/Whitey 517
Holman/Jellen 514

Pins over average

Jack King 52
Holeman 43
George Geiger 51

3rd Game Scratch

Jim Saffold 223
Frankie B 215

King Scratch

George Revs 212
Will Clark 200
Hole-man 181

King Handicap

Joe Taylor 260
Whitey 255
Orlow 252
Krone Baloney 232

Gimenna's Pot

Lease/Turk 543
J Taylor/Jenital 543

30 Clean (3 way tie)

Revs, Reimer, Saffold 10

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