Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's Wednesday... Can the LouDoo's continue their route?

Commentary from Lou V.

Can the resurgent LouDoo's continue their route of the Wednesday night Men's league at River Rand Bowl?

"With such an abundance of experienced talent, we should be in great shape" said team Captain Lou V. "We don't have any 160 bowlers on our team or any Psycho's to affect the momentum", Mr. V continued.

"Waz and Friends, on the other hand has a bunch of problems. 1 Really seasoned member in Grandpa D, 1 experienced and somewhat skilled bowler in Wazy, 1 or 2 mental cases (depending on the week) and 1 162 bowler.

That does not make for a championship team..." Lou V concluded.

Hopefully they bought a large package of PreparationH...we have 25 more weeks to go...


  1. Yes a bunch of "wall baby" league bowlers are doing well. Lets look on the BBT to see how many times they have bowled for a title. Must be difficult to adjust to a mans condition for I see no one. Mean while Waz n Friends will be taking on the best bowlers in the US in a couple of months. A very different shot but they have the balls, and their wives permission to give it a shot. Guess who we won't see there as well. Was it 1974 or when Lou got married did he lose his balls?

  2. Ouch...!!! The mighty Waz has spoken.

  3. You don't have any pshyco's ? Step back and take a good look. First, the team captain, nuf said.Unless pulling on your undies 30 times or more when you bowl is normal.

  4. When you have a large has to be adjusted regularly...does that make me a psycho?

    When I pull my hair up...does that make me a psycho? No...I am exercising my hair...when I put on the I quit farting underwear...does that make me a psycho? No...I messed my shorts and wanted to cover up the stain...


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