Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's Wazy, Again - 3rd BBT win this season

Qualifies by 1 pin and then Beats Lou and Reinfart for 3rd BBT Title

The only thing close about last night was qualifying, as Wazy Beat Rob D by 1 pin to make the semi finals. Once fooling around for the wizard of Waz as he pounded Lou V in the semi's and Reinfart in the finals to win BBT title # 3 for 2007/2008 season.

Here are the qualifying scores:

Resurgent Lou Lead qualifying after winning last week, Fritz almost pulled a Nick K by sh0oting like ass the second game, Reinfart surged to make the cut with 248 the second game, Waz, limped into the finals. Rob D came up 1 pin short after a really bad start, Grandpa D...ouch, PJ, consistantly lousy, Rob F...not much, Tittie, you blow...

1 Lou 26 210 236 224 486
2 Brian 13 244 257 181 451
3 Kevin 0 187 187 248 435
4 Waz 14 215 229 183 426
5 Rob D. 29 154 183 213 425
6 Dennis 23 213 236 143 402
7 PJ 54 142 196 148 398
8 Rob F. 38 164 202 151 391
9 Mike R. 15 157 172 201 388

Semi Finals - not much drama here this week.

Wazy 264/278 vs Lou V. 215/241

Wazy starts with the first 7 strikes...all nailed and it appeared over as Lou had nothing...but the 1973 NJCAA champion reached into his experience locker and pulled out a late comeback striking in 6, 7, 8. If he strikes out, he will force Wazy to double to win. Lou gets the ball, goes into his approach and then boooooom...Reinfart kicks the rack on the next pair as Lou was in his arm swing for a light hit and 9 pin count. Now I can't blame Reinfart...but...

Wazy struck out anyway and he is excellent in the clutch so that was that.

Reinfart 221 vs Fritz 179/192

The score was not close and neither was the match. Fritz had only 1 open but lost a bunch of count and no doubles. Reinfart, had 2 opens but 2 doubles and a 4 up Wazy.

Consolation Match - Lou 202/228 - Fritz 195/208

Brian and Lou go way Lou used to be Brians Idol at Forest View Lanes. Now it was revenge time...with a side wager going, Lou had a commanding lead until the 9th when he left a 4-6. But needing only a mark in the 10th to lock him out...up steps Lou - 9/9 to win. Brian always seems to throw on bad shot a game and he left a wide open split in the 7th...winner NJCAA 1973 Champion for 3rd place overall.

Championship Match - Wazy 205/219 - Reinfart 179

The crowd, which grows a bit every week, had nothing to cheer for as this game was over early as Wazy started with a / and then 4 strikes. Reinfart had an open in the 2nd double and that was it...This is second time Wazy barely made the cut and won the BBT. Congrats to Scotty!!

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