Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's 1973 all over again - Lou V Finally Wins the BBT

Clutch performance by Lou V seals his first Victory!

23 tournaments, 6 months and lots of failures but the wait is finally over as Lou V, former 1973 NJCAA National Champion jumped into the winners circle with a clutch strike to beat lefty Rob D for his first BBT win.

It was a great final match. Rob, who was coming off of a 276 to 158 spanking of Grandpa D, was clearly the odds on favorite to win...especially that he had 29 pins of handicap.

Here is how it played out:
Lou V x,x,6/,x,9/,9-,9/,x,x,x,8/
Rob D x,x,9/,72,x,x,9/9/9/9/x

Rob forced Lou V to strike on the first ball or a 9/,x to tie...He stepped up and high flushed the shot...booooooom....winner!!! Finally!!! Rob bowled very well but missing the 369 was his downfall. Another great final match!!

Here's how it all played out:

Tittie, last weeks champion led qualifying this week and another tough luck story for Nick K...who started with a 223 and ended with a 169 to miss the cut by 2 pins...ouch...Reinfart and Wazy were never in it...with Wazy having 5 splits in game one...maybe we can call him the split bitch...

WEEK 9 10/17/2007
1 Mike R. 477
2 Dennis 470
3 Rob D. 417
4 Lou 416
5 Nick 414
6 Kevin 376
7 Waz 324

Match 1

Tittie vs Lou V - Classic matchup of bitter (friendly) rivals. this was a great match for Lou who totally pounded the milk out of Tittie...245/272 to 190/205. Tittie left 4 pin after 4 pin and
was never in the match

Match 2

Grandpa D versus Rob D - After Rob throws the first 7 and Grandpa D starts with an open...match, game, set...276/305 to 158/180...

Championship Match

Lou V. Versus Rob D - Lou 212/239 Rob 201/230

Consolation Match

Tittie versus Grandpa D - an epic battle of father versus son...not real exciting until the 10th when Tittie needed a mark to beat his dad and leaves a 10 pin and flags it...Grandpa D 3rd place.

Misses 10 pin to lose in 10th


  1. Yeah Lou, I have 29 pins of cap...Your are much much lower than me with 27...Idiot!

  2. are much better than big douche...

  3. You are the 1973 NCAA can I compete with that?


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