Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hole-man loses his Mind - Gives 60 pins to 5 guys...

Gives 60 pins to 4 guys on the Pink Tacos and Travis...@#!@#$!@#$!@

Hole-man gave me 40 pins a game last year and I pounded the piss out of him...and he has been giving me 30 pins a game this year and we are even...(he shot 300, 279, 278) against me so he definitely earned the wins...but yesterday...I think he has lost his mind...giving 60 pins a game to decent bowlers.

Now Travis, blows and Travis really blows after 15 beers...so giving him 60 pins is ok...in fact he could have given him 100 pins and been safe...but Hole-man wanted more...so he gives Matt Taylor 60 pins and splits with him...but he wants still more, so the next game and "talks" his way into a match giving 60 Pins to the 3 other Pink Tacos, Curt, Chris, Mike along with Matt...now I left because it was late and the match was not over yet...but Hole-Man was getting pounded during game one...by a lot. Don't know if they shot anymore games.

Someone asked him why he was being so generous...he said "I won doubles and I am just having fun"...yeah...he must think hitting himself in head with a hammer is fun also.

Wow...Hole-man...what a douche...


  1. Hey Lou

    How can I get an access code for the league? email me at delbert113@comcast.net


  2. Hey Lou

    I need the access code for your league. Email me at delbert113@comcast.net



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