Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hole-Man the Bowl-Man is Lou's New Human ATM

Lou Bowls Like Crap but still beats the Human ATM

Last week was Christmas for those who were getting 60 pins from Hole-man so I guess yesterday was only Christmas Eve as house wonder, Hole-Man, gave the 1973 NJCAA Champion 40 pins, instead of his usual 30 pins.

Now I didn't understand why I didn't get 60 pins like the Pink Tacos...but he wouldn't budge so I took 40.

Needless to say, it was another mis-match... here were the results...Win, Win, Lose (close), Win, Win and I bowled like crap...the lanes were horrible because the "Flying Saucers" with their 401 pins of handicap spread the oil around a bit...but we both had the same shot and remember...it is not that easy to beat the 1973 champ...

Next week Hole-Man is going to challenge the senior women's league...he will be giving them 150 pins per game.

Stay tuned...

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