Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wednesday Pot Round-up - Allegations fly...

]Fritz Wins King of the Hill by one pin

Before the fireworks started after league, Fritz got a break when Rob D did not strike on the last ball to win the King of the Hill Wednesday 265 to 264.

Later, he was confronted by 2 league officials to discuss his alleged indiscretions on the lanes. He defended himself but...we all have to live with our past actions that sometimes label you and it is a tough rap to beat. Best more discrete and move on...we still like you...and your plaid shorts...

Here are the weekly pot winners...

King of the Hill
Fritz 265
Rob For 264
J Matzaball 256

Pins Over Average

J Matza Ball 134
Ray Jenkins 111


Jenkins/Paquet 553
Lou V/J Matzaball 523

High Game Scratch

Reinfart (first 10) 289

3rd Game Scratch

Josh Partyka 257

8 in a row

Rob D 1st game

Strike Pot

Rob D 5

High Game Night HDC

Reinfart 283
Ray Jenkins 275
J Matzaball 274

High Game Handicap

Gary Benjamin 275
Ray Jenkins 275
Rob For 264


Rob F 79
C Slater 64
Jenkins 61
Fritz 54
Reinfart 53.5
Zaleski 52
C Matza 45
Todd C 42
Terry C 37
Tittie 36
Larry Slavin 34
Kyle 33
Jeff Matza 27
J Partyka 27
Gary F 27
Lou V 25
Wazy 20
Wally 18.5
Ken C 10
Dennis 10
Cullen 10
Larkin 7

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