Thursday, October 4, 2007

Frankie B's practice paying off - Doubles to beat Grandpa D for 1st BBT Title

BBT Champion Frankie B, 3rd Place Finisher PJ and Runner-Up Grandpa D

Week 7 of the BBT is in the record books and our latest Champion is a new one, Frankie B. He put on quite a display of clutchness in both of his matches and bowled great.

But Grandpa D, would not go quietly and the championship match came down to the final ball. Grandpa D started with a x, 9/, 9/ (both solid 9's but you know Grandpa D gets tapped on every ball, so how solid they were who knows) x, x, x, x, x, 81, x8/. The five bagger in the middle really put Frankie on the ropes...but he hung in there with x, x, 62, x, x, x, 9/, x, x, xxx.

Grandpa D, on a five bagger could have ended the match in the 9th with another strike, but left a 4-6...ouch...he then could have closed out Frankie with a double in the 10th...first ball solid, second ball...4-7.

So, Frankie needs a double and 6 to win...boom, boom, boom...the champ...Oh yeah, there were 3 guys in the match...PJ 200, never a factor...

Here are the details on the First Matches

Grandpa D has the first 9

Grandpa D 286
Rob D 200

Going for his first 300, GD had the first 9 and then no strike. Great shooting anyway, GD

PJ 210
Waz 190

Wazy never a factor and PJ makes the finals again!!

Frankie 246
Reinfart 236

This was a great came down to the 10th and Reinfart struck out to force Frankie B to strike...boom, boom boom (just like the final)

Qualifying Scores

Rank Name G1 G2 HDC

1 Rob D 258 261 519
2 PJ 288 225 513
3 Reinfart 189 268 457
4 Frankie B 229 220 449
5 Wazy 225 220 445
6 Grandpa D 201 243 444

Did Not Qualify

7 Lou 243 200 443
8 Brian 226 206 432
9 Chalupa 206 190 396
10 Rob F 207 186 393
11 Tittie 208 170 378

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