Friday, October 5, 2007

Cubs lose again...8-4, Cub fans reportedly jumping out the windows downtown

No Lilly's in the Valley

Well, it is almost wait until next year...a week late, as the beloved Scrubs got pounded again by the slithering Diamond Backs 8-4. Setting up a potential sweep at Wrigley on Saturday. (how would you like to have bought tickets from a broker for $500 per game to watch that)?

The battle in the Valley of the Sun, was like watching Reinfart bowl against Larry Slavin scratch.

Now granted it is not over until Ron Santo sings, but smart money may not be on the Cubs. To re-iterate my prediction, Cubs 3 and out...


  1. Is that Ron Santo singing while standing or sitting?

  2. I suppose the good part about this article is that he picked Slavin instead of me.


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