Thursday, October 4, 2007

Cubs Lose 3-1 - The Bartman Curse...

The curse of Bartman Continues

In a game that was as exciting as watching an ant walk across the patio, the Cubs got smoked by the D-backs 3-1.

Seemed like most people at River Rand did not expect much from their beloved Cubs...


  1. Mr. Kool Aid (Sox Fan!)October 5, 2007 at 5:40 AM

    Amazing how everybody is reaching for the ball, but Bartman's was the only one that got blame. Except for the guy in the gray shirt. He's not reaching for it, probably because he knew how important that play was and didn't try to interfere with Alou. Must of been a Sox fan since he actually was paying attention to the game!

  2. Let me tell you...I have been to a 150 games at US Cellular from 1990-2002 and remember this...every man in the world who goes to a ball game wants to catch a foul ball.

    It is something that is ingrained in your mind from the day you go to your first game.

    If for one second people think that the fans in the stands will just sit there when a ball is coming toward them, has never had it happen to them.

    2 times I had my hand on a foul ball...once in self defense and the other one popped out the of the upper deck. If you think that you just sit there and not try to catch the ball and at least protect themselves from the ball, they are really typical Cub fans, god damn retards...


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