Friday, October 5, 2007

The Cubs Curses

Everyone Tries to Catch a Foul Ball

Besides the fact that the Cubs have blown for almost 100 years, it is unbelievable that people actually believe in the Sam Sianis goat "Curse" and blame Bartman for losing game 6 a few years ago.

I don't know much about the goat, you can read all about it on line, but let me tell you...I have been to a 150 games at US Cellular from 1990-2002 and remember this...every boy and man in the world who goes to a ball game wants to catch a foul ball. It is just the way it is...

It is something that is ingrained in your mind from the day you go to your first game.

If for one second, people think that the fans in the stands will just sit there when a ball is coming toward them, it has never had it happen to them.
Twice I had my hand on a foul ball...once in self defense and the other one popped out the of the upper deck.

If you think that you just sit there and not try to first defend yourself from the ball and second try catch the ball
you are a total retard! There is NO WAY in the world Bartman or the 20 people around him didn't try to catch that closed...

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