Monday, October 8, 2007

Some Cub Fans are indeed morons

If our un-scientific poll is any indication, some Cub fans are morons, retards, idiots and stupid. The poll question was: How far will the Cubs go in the playoffs?

3 games, Win First series, win second series, lose world series, win world series.

Here are the results:

22 total votes cast: 7 people said they would win the World Series...what a joke, and that proves that besides Ronnie WooWoo, many Cub fans are indeed morons.

The team blows and has blown for 100 years. Yet the "fans" keep going to the park. You pay $50.00 to park, $65.00 for a seat, $6.50 for a warm beer, $6.25 for a "large" hotdog or Polish, pee in a trough, get bossed around by the old lady ticket gestapos, watch a team that, by some miracle, made the playoffs and then they hope they can win a game in the playoffs. When that miracle doesn't happen...they are devastated.

I pray for a miracle every day that I will be on the PBA Tour, Staring in Hollywood, win the lotto, grow 6 inches or lose 40 pounds but I won't. And I really don't think it will happen because I don't live on Fantasy Island, like so many Cub fans...

When the Sox suck, we don't go to the games and don't care what they do...if that makes us not fans, then we are least we save $200 per game we don't go to...


  1. well if you would have asked the same question in Las Vegas.. the odds that the cubs were going to win were 75 to 1 ...

    they were the favorite to win this year.

  2. Can you say....SUCKER BET!!!! And I don't know how the favorite could have those kind of odds???


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