Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Corn-Hole" comes to River Rand Bowl

"Corn-Hole" comes to River Rand Bowl as Wazy puts on a show

There is nothing better than hanging around with friends, throwing back a few and having fun. It is even more fun when you win $. And even more fun when you win every game...and that was that last night as "Corn-Hole" comes to River Rand Bowl.

Someone brought a really lame set of "corn-hole" boards that were made out of recycled plastic and were about as shaky as a 95 year old Parkinson's disease victim and put them out on the concourse. Excellent idea...but it was a real challenge to not hit the ceiling and keep the bag on the board. They shook and moved every time the bag hit the board.

The young guys started to play and one thing led to another and it was go time. I picked Wazy, as my partner and the rest is history...Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win...Wazy wins by himself.

Granted he carried me the entire night...but when the s (hit) hit the fan...Uncle Lou steps up and BOOM...holey...moley...right in the holey. Clutch city...put it on the board...yes...

Let's do this every week...

Opponents were:

Matt Taylor, Travis, Tom Reamer, Tom Gimenna, Dan Jenital...in different combinations...

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