Monday, October 1, 2007

Congratulations to the Cubs

The Shrine (what a dump)

Well...the regular season is over and a Miracle has Happened...the Cubs made the playoffs.

It has been 100 years or so since they won the World Series and if by an act of a higher power, they do win this be it...

Cause like Chicago, (the second City) the Sox won in 2005 and thus the Cubs if by a double Miracle win the World will be anti-climatic...

Like the second child, the second bite from your steak, the second time you got laid...the second Bulls just doesn't mean as much...because second is second...the Sox won first...end of story...period...done...finished...

Seriously, I hope they go all the will be good for business in Chicago and provide relief for long suffering Cub Fans....(I am not kidding)


  1. According to some Cub fans, they've already won the world series. Just ask one, they'll tell ya! Must be nice to win a division by going 2-4 the last week of the season.

  2. Well, when a team blows for 100 years...coming in first place is a crummy division is just like winning the World Series.

    I wouldn't get too nervous...Cubs 3 and out...

  3. Just make sure the Sox are enjoying the show from their couches. Maybe they can sit next to the Royals like they did all season long.

  4. hey anonymous, the Sox are going to have fun playing golf, and oh yeah, polishing their World Series

  5. Wouldn't they rather be back in the playoffs? 8 teams left that have a shot and the Cubs are one of them (at least for a few more days). More than 22 other teams can say, the Sox being one of them.

  6. Face is the curse or the goat and can anyone over come that?


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