Thursday, October 18, 2007

Commentary from the BlogMaster

Why do we hate Sandbaggers?

Our parents taught most of us not to cheat, steal and to try and be a good person.

All of us who bowl in a league and get in the pots all want to win. And we try to win by bowling a good score and the people who are not butt holes do it in an honest shooting a good legitimate score...not one inflated with a handicap that is attained by sandbagging.

Thus, anyone averages more than 180, can look at a bowler and see if they are sandbagging...especially me. Because I hate baggers more than anything. Just like I hate cheaters, scammers and people who abuse animals and old people.

So remember, if you are sandbagging, and you know if you are...don't be so stupid to think that people don't know what you are doing...we are not retards.

Plus, if you think you are slick about it...forget it...I have seen every trick in the book. So stop doing it...because if you are bagging...we have got your number


  1. Would this have to do with Brian Fritz?

  2. We are not using any names. It is just a blanket commentary in a world of free speech...

    You are free to come to your own conclusions....

  3. Brian Fritz is a BAGGER!!!!!


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