Sunday, October 28, 2007

Butt Rash win USBC Masters 269-245 over Steve Jaros

Sean Rash wins USBC Masters and $100,000.00
Is every spectator in Milwaukee a waving douche bag?

In front a decent sized crowd of waving retards, Sean Rash beat a red hot Steve Jaros 269-245. Rash had the lead most of the game but Jaros, who lost his carry in the first 4 frames, made a ball change and hung tough until Rash closed him out with the first 2 in the 10th.

In the first 2 matches, Jaros, who qualifed 4th, shot 279-254 to beat Walter Ray Williams, who was never in the match and then shot 290 destroying Patrick Allen who bowled 233. I think that Patrick Allen has mental problems. He kept babbling the entire match...what a douche.

Speaking of douches...does every idiot in the stands have to continuously wave to the camera..? Man, it got old after the first 10 times...people...get a look stupid waving...when you watch the tape tonight you are going to I look like a f__king douche bag...

New play by play man Rob Stone did a great job...he may not be a bowling expert...but he didn't try to be. He only talked when necessary, was mildly amusing and sounds good. He is at least 100 times better than "60 feet to success".


  1. Here's a few things:

    1) When I watched qualifying on Tuesday, Sean Rash was on fire. I was standing right next to him before he started his first set. Someone asked him what his goal was for the first 5 games. He said, "Stay clean. If I stay clean I will keep myself in it." He started game 1 with a double, then an open. The guy he talked to earlier asked him what his new goal was since he didn't fulfill his first. He said to the guy, "Win the tournament." I thought it was pretty cocky, but when he finished the first game with 258 or so, I thought he probably had a good chance.

    2) Watching Patrick Allen was worse than poking my own eye out. He is a rude mother *^%$#@. He completely ignored everyone, including people that were trying to give him five when he came back from his shot.

    3) The new announcer was so much easier on the ears than Dave Ryan. I agree that he doesn't come across as knowing much, but you don't have to. Just don't make it your own side show like Ryan did.

  2. I was with Reinfart, and I back up his opinion of Allen. He is a douche bag!

    I like Rash and he did bowl well, but give him a 9/ for that brooklyn strike and it might have been different.

    Overall, the best bowling telecast I have seen in a long time. Stone didn't even know what a turkey was, but at least he admitted to know nothing about bowling and he didn't use that stupid phrase that Ryan used to use. Also, Pederson didn't use any of his Australian Crocodile hunter voices thank God! However, the up close camera angles of the bowlers faces while throwing the ball REALLY need to go. You couldn't tell where Jaros was playing until Pederson told us in like the 6th frame. Just use the old school camera angle from the back.

  3. They used the close ups to hide the douches in the back who kept waving


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