Wednesday, October 3, 2007

BBT Week 7 Tonight!! Who will be our next BBT champion?

Reinfart, Rob D, Andy D, Shawn B, PJ, Lou V, Tittie

The LouDoo BBT continues tonight with week 7 of the 34 week tour. So far we have five different champion, with only 1 repeat. We have had very close qualifying, great matches, a few ties and high average bowlers and lower average ones have done well.

The handicap system developed by brainiac Reinfart is working very well. Thanks to let's see who is due tonight?

Tittie - If he carries and doesn't get down on himself he certainly has a shot. But his is in the grey zone...not shooting big scores and a low handicap...odds 5-1

PJ - If he can make a spare and stop being such a nice guy and get mad...he has the talent and the handicap to make it happen. Odds 4-1

Reinfart - Bowls great in league and then struggles in the BBT. Once he gets his head out of his arse...he will go on a streak...Odds 2-1

Andy D - Great physical talent, throws a boat load of strikes...but also throws a lot of disaster shots at the wrong time. True power player....strikes and wide open splits. If he keeps the ball under control, nobody will stop him. Odds 3-1.

Rob D - Now he can shoot big numbers...and so far has not...If he gets out since he is one of 2 lefties out here. Odds to win 4-1

Shawn B - Bowled in just 2 events and already has a second place finish. I alway liked his game, throws a great ball and keeps his cool. Some days he is awful, but others awesome. Odds to win, 2-1

Lou V. - The former 1973 NJCAA National champion knew how to win, 34 years ago...and hasn't done Jack in 21 events. But, with the Radical Inferno in his out he is coming...odds to win 25-1.

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