Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wednesday Roundup - Mike K has the first 10 - Shoots 289

Mike K leaving 2 pin after the first 10 in Game Three

The weather really cooled off and so did the scores as the lanes were flying. But not so for the lefty's.

Mike K., who has a few 300's, had the first 10 and left a 2 pin (ouch) spare for a 289...Nice shooting Mike...

Other items of note:

High Game night scratch - 258 Josh P
3rd High game scratch - 234 Tittie
8 in a row - Nobody

Waz and Friends did not go 21-0 as predicted...more like 17-4 - hey they are only 1 point ahead of the Loudoo's who are 15-6...the first grudge match is in October...but remember, the LouDoo's are much stronger this year...since we got rid of the Goldsteins...also, Reinfarts powerhouse team Power to Spare is 16-5 so real close so far...more standing next week.

Pots start in week 5 and we now will have meaningful game stats to talk about so come back next week for more info...


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