Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wednesday night fights...oops that was last week

Uneventful Night at River Rand Bowl Wednesday

The B&I league entered its' second week without any incidents tonight...which is good...didn't want to have to pack the brass knuckles in my bowling bag this week...there would not be enough room for my shoes.

Items of note:

  • Reinfart - first 9 again...8 pin count...he blows
  • "I got a Woody" won high game scratch pot with 279 in the first game as Matt started his pots early.
  • Rob D (Uncle Fester) who is PW and did not shoot in the BBT had to go home because his wife is in town, had the first 8 and then....
  • Wazy won third game scratch with a 234...

Other pots will start in a 2 weeks once all of the current handicaps are somewhat realistic.
Standings wise...let's wait a few weeks before we post as the first few weeks are meaningless.

One Note, Waz and Friends are pounding the wee wee out of the pins and will have about 40 pins of handicap next week...Adios muchachos...

Finally, it is taking a bit of adjustment bowling on lanes 9-24...yes we start on time but when you are on 9/10 with nobody next to doesn't feel right and when your are on feels like you are in least you are near to the newly remodeled snack bar...

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