Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wednesday B&I league Update

9/26/07 Results

Going into tonight...though early...the standings are pretty close...with the first 10 teams within 7 points of each week, we will start with the actual standings...

Pot Review...

High Game Night HDC - 2 Italians in the top three!!!

George Mascio - 280
Carlos Chavez - 277
Lou V............- 274

HDC Doubles

Game 2 - Tittie/Lou V 546
Game 3 - Gary N and Zaleski 511

Instant Clean - Kasten 21
High Game Scratch - Reinfart 280
High Game Scratch 3rd game - Reinfart 266
8 in a row - Reinfart game 1

High Game Handicap Each Game
Stu G 254
Lou V 274
Joe N 285

King of the Hill and Brackets start next week...

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