Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Waz Leading BBT Points Race

The only action Titties ball gets after the BBT qualifying is sitting in the bag

After 2 weeks of BBT action, Wazy is leading Grandpa D by 1 point as we head into week three.

Trash talking Tittie has done nothing yet this year and is only on the board because he shows up and Grandpa D couldn't stay last week to defend his title because he had to get up at 5:00am to go to work at the Roaster Pan Factory...first week runner up Rob did not qualify on Wednesday and thus only picked up 1 point, Rob F, shooting for the first time, is in 4th and house wonder Reinfart, has qualified twice and is in 5th tied with former National Champion, Lou V.

Here are the point totals:

Rank Name Total
1 Waz 11
2 Grandpa D 10
3 Rob D. 8
4 Rob F. 7
5 Reinfart 6
5 Lou 6
7 Andy 5
8 Tittie 2
9 Brian 1
9 Cesar 1
9 Mike K. 1

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