Thursday, September 13, 2007

W-Wazy W-Wins again - Beats PJ in a battle of buddies

Wazy wins his second BBT in 3 weeks beating teammate PJ

Wednesday's BBT action was great...we had 10 bowlers shooting on a tough shot and lots to talk about.

Qualifying scores - 2 Games with Handicap

1 Kevin 484
2 PJ 474
3 Cesar 471
4 Waz 448
5 Nick 448
6 Brian 447
7 Rob D. 410
8 Mike R. 402
9 Andy 386
10 Lou 364

First game of qualifying had really low scores. Nick K led with 255, Reinfart tied for 2nd with 229 and Last Weeks champions Fritz with 217 and he had a lead of 9 pins over 5th place.

The second game was very interesting as Reinfart squeaked into first ahead of PJ, yes PJ and Chalupa was back finishing in 3rd and then there was the first BBT tie for qualifying with Nick K shooting like ass the second game and Wazy double and 9 in the tenth to tie at 448 each. Last weeks champion Fritz, missed a 10 pin in the 10th and missed the cut by 1 pin...(he spanks).

The rolloff was a 9/10 frame old PBA style roll-off and Wazy x - x x 9, Nick K, x mixing 7 over Wazy Advances.


1 Reinfart 222
4 Wazy 226

This was another great match. Wazy x,/,x,/,x,x,/,/,/,xxx, /Reinfart /,/,x,x,x,/,x,x,x,72. The match was basically over as Reinfart had a 21 pin lead in the 8th (with Hdc) and Wazy was ready to pack his bags...Reinfart strikes in the 9th...looks even worse for Wazy, then steps up in the 10th...4-10 SPLIT...(the crowd is in shock...Wazy can double to win...)

Wazy, who only has 2 votes in the Chicken Choker contest (and he should only have 1, maybe) bashed the hole...9 standing for 1/2 second... shot, Reinfart does not look...BOOM high flush, sixty feet to success, up the arse solid strike...needs 7 to win...Kaboom. 226/222 Wazy is goes to the finals...Pretty impressive.

Semi-Finals Match 2

2 PJ 252
3 Chalupa 188

The smart money was on Chalupa but the crowd was quietly rooting for the odds were way in his favor especially after PJ begins 7-, 81, 9/ but he digs deep, keeps his cool...and finishes xx9-xxxx/81 for a200 scratch 252 with.

Chalupa never got anything going...62,x,x,72,x,6/, 9/, x, 8/, 9/,x shooting 181/188. Spotting 45 pins is a bit tough every for the Mexican Jumping bean...

Championship match

PJ 192
Waz 194

This was a tough one to root for...both good guys...but the crowd had to be with PJ since he has a lower average than all of us and that he got this far...

He was putting it to Wazy who really struggled until the 8th when he gave Waz an opening missing a few easy spares and like any good match game bowler...Wazy jumped in and finished with a 183/194.

PJ was still alive, needed 2 strikes to win...the crowd is hushed, Bill Cullen, Mr Ed, Rob, Tittie, Fritz, Nick, the Mailman and others looking on....PJ on the line...gets ready...throws the ball...we hear moans from the crowd...match over...

Mr. Ed said "we were hoping for something more exciting than that"...classic line

Consolation Game (boring)

Chalupa 177
Reinfart 235

Congrats to Wazy who has a 1st, 2nd and 1st in the last three weeks and to PJ, Reinfart and Chalupa for making the finals.

Side Bar

  • Wonder how Reinfarts mouse feels today?
  • Fritz was mis-quoted last week. Said that he was not un-happy with the payout or the format but, just that it is "so much work to shoot under that kind of pressure", yeah...wait till your 54...
  • Does anyone have an extra mouse for sale today...if so call 847 299 1001 and ask for Kevin...

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