Thursday, September 27, 2007

Rob F prevails - Strikes on first ball in 10th to win his first BBT

3rd Place Finisher Lou V - Champion Rob F - Runner up Shawn B.

Lefty's dominate qualifying and come in first and second,
Lou a non factor in finals

Though it wasn't pretty...big Rob, put it to Lou V and Shawn with a strike on the first ball in the 10th to win his first BBT after 2 second place finishes with a 234 to Shawn's 217 and Lou's 167.

With 11 bowlers tonight...(Al E. Neuman, Frankie B and Andy were manstrating and did not bowl), the field was cut to 6 semi finalists after the 2 game qualifier.

Qualifying - Top 6 make cut...

1 Shawn 24 208 232 242 498
2 Rob F. 43 231 274 180 497
3 Lou 29 195 224 234 487
4 Rob D. 27 257 284 150 461
5 Fritz 12 222 234 207 453
6 Chalupa 13 205 218 221 452
7 Tittie
15 181 196 224 435
8 PJ 56 158 214 161 431
9 Grandpa 21 191 212 190 423
10 Waz 12 213 225 148 385
11 Reinfart 1 179 180 191 372

The semi-finals had the following matches:

Lou V vs Rob D - Shooting on a very tough condition, (the lanes were flying) lefty Rob could not muster anything and Lou V, the 1973 Junior College Champion, reached into his bag of tricks and just stayed clean to keep a lead through the match. It was not a very exciting match until the 10th when Lou V need a double to close out Rob...not to be spare and 8...this forced Rob to double and 8 to win...Rob gets up and pulls the shot, (like his monkey) and leaves a 6-10...Lou is lucky and moves on to the finals. Final Score Lou 204/Rob 194.

Chalupa VS Shawn B - Shawn had the lead the entire game and prevailed by a lot 205-175. Not enough Habenero's for Chalupa...

Fritz VS Rob F - The righty's had a really tough time late as the lanes were really smoking...and Fritz facing an opponent with lots of handicap...was never in the match as Rob D shot really well (217 scratch/257) and pounded the wee-wee out of Fritz 197/219.

Championship Match

Lou V versus Rob F versus Shawn B.

Battle of 2 lefties and Lou V. Now I realize that I am older and already bowled six games but I had absolutely NOTHING left as the lanes were flying...I threw the ball as hard as I could and when you swung it ... gone...pulled it...brooklyn, 2 splits, 2 missed spares...138...I will take 3rd happily.

The real match...Shawn versus Rob - Shawn bowled well, 9/,9/,x,9-,x,9/,9/,x,x,7/x for a 193 scratch. He hit the pocket a lot, but the missed 7 pin and the 7 pin count on the first ball in the 10th on a double gave Rob F a chance.

Rob F, who is new to serious pot up in the 10th needing a mark....lost the shot...went Brooklyn, gets a mixing strike for the they say, just look on the scoreboard and you see an X...doesn't matter how you get it. Smashes the second shot for good measure and fires the ball 100 miles an hour to get the 3rd strike. Shoots 191/234 for the win!!

Congrats to Rob...welcome to the Circle of Champions...

Consolation Match

Chalupa vs Rob D vs Fritz - Chalupa prevailed to capture the final cashing spot and earn 4th place points...shooting a 222/235 with Handicap...Rob D has a chance if he doubles in the 10th...but...

Finals Scores:

1 Shawn 24 193 217
2 Rob F. 43 191 234
3 Lou 29 138 167

6 Chalupa 13 222 235
5 Fritz 12 152 164
4 Rob D. 27 192 219

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