Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pot Results for Wednesday 9/19/09

Broken Oil Machine the culprit for Mondays Horrible Scores

Well we found out what happened on Monday...the oil machine was broken and put down a flood of oil from the 10 board to the first board and no oil in the basically a reverse block.

High series for the night was 580...that is for 80 guys...not good.

Wednesday Pot results:

The pots are coming on line and should be in full swing next week but here is what we have for you:

29 Clean - Dan Goldstein - (don't know what he missed)
Mystery Pot - 173
Pins Over Pot - 77 Matt K
High Game Scratch - 257 Todd Cohen
High 3rd Game Scratch - 257 Todd Cohen
No 8 in a row...though Matt K had the first 7 in game one.

We will start reporting on the team standings in a few weeks as they will be more meaningful.

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